Edwin Campbell

Edwin has always liked being surrounded by nature and from an early age interested in its conservation. As a teenager, he was involved in promoting conservation and interaction with nature among his schoolmates…Continue reading »

Marta Curti

Despite growing up in a big city, or perhaps because of it, Marta became fascinated with wildlife at a very young age. Seeing deer grazing at a local park, or hearing the howls… Continue reading »

Angel Muela

Angel Muela has been working with raptors for the best part of his life. He began working in wildlife rehabilitation centers in his native Spain when he was 15 years old and when he moved to the U.S. … Continue reading »

Yeray Seminario

Yeray Seminario is a Spanish birder who has a special affinity for raptors. The first bird he remembers identifying – when he was twelve years old – was a rarity! Continue reading »


Shiv Kapila

When Shiv first became interested in raptors he was still small enough to count himself as possible prey for some of them. Continue reading »

Abdou Lo

Abdou was born Thiaméne, a small town in Senegal in the region of Louga. He spent the majority of his youth with his family in Richard Toll, and after finishing his studies at the University of Dakar in the faculty of letters… Continue reading »

Beny Wilson

Venicio "Beny" Emmanuelle Wilson Altamiranda was born in Almirante, in the province of Bocas del Toro in Western Panama, in a house surrounded by beautiful creeks and swamp forests. Continue reading »