Marta Curti

Despite growing up in a big city, or perhaps because of it, Marta became fascinated with wildlife at a very young age. Seeing deer grazing at a local park, or hearing the howls of coyotes or the hoots of Great-horned Owls outside her bedroom at night were rare and special treats for a young girl living in Los Angeles.

After college she volunteered as an environmental educator and interpretive ranger for the National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service in Arizona, New Mexico and Alaska. Though she enjoyed guiding and teaching people about wildlife, she was itching to get some hands-on field work.

In 2000, she worked as a hack site attendant on The Peregrine Fund’s Aplomado Falcon restoration project. She was hooked! Ever since, she has been working as a biologist for The Peregrine Fund and feels so privileged to have worked with some amazing species such as the Harpy Eagle, California Condor, Ridgway’s Hawk, and Orange-breasted Falcon.

When not in the field, Marta finds solace and joy in her regular yoga practice. As a way to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible, she obtained her certification as a yoga instructor through the Shanti Yoga School in Boise, Idaho and in 2013 she continued her training through Ananda Seva in Santa Rosa, California, where she obtained her 500 hour certification with an emphasis in Yoga Therapy. Marta is also a published author of several bilingual children’s books and a novel entitled In All Things.

In her years of experience as a field biologist, environmental educator, and yoga teacher she has come to understand first hand that human health and the health of all living creatures are intrinsically interconnected – one cannot exist without the other. Sound science, environmental education and community involvement and empowerment are key for the well-being of all living things. This is the guiding principle behind Whitehawk and she is proud to be a part of this venture.