Edwin Campbell

Edwin has always enjoyed being surrounded by nature and from an early age became interested in its conservation. As a teenager, he helped promote conservation and interaction with nature among his schoolmates. It was during one of those outdoors activities that he became interested in learning the names of the birds he was seeing. He started working with birds while he was still a biology student at the University of South Brazil.

Upon returning to Panama, Edwin began work on a volunteer project with The Peregrine Fund. He spent six months in the rainforest of  Soberania National Park, taking care of released Harpy Eagles, as part of a captive breeding and release program. Six months quickly became five years, which he spent living at the far end of the famous Pipeline Road, the most popular birding hotspot in Panama. Shortly thereafter, he decided to continue his studies and earned Master’s degree in Ecology and Conservation in the Brazilian Cerrado and the entrance of the South of Pantanal.

In 2013, Edwin moved to the central Andes in Colombia. There, he began a different career, which also involves birds and nature. As a guide, leading birding tours both in Colombia and Panama, he continues to promote conservation and creating awareness by offering fun and educational experiences.

In 2018 Edwin began working as Operations Manager for Whitehawk, taking care of tour logistics as well as guiding some of our prime tours in Central America and other regions.