Bushy-crested Jay in #Guatemala #Birding

Bushy-crested Jay
A “backyard” bird in Guatemala – the Bushy-crested Jay

We just finished a fantastic fam-trip in Guatemala, which included presentations and debate sessions about birding tourism and conservation. There was also time to see some great birds – including the raucous Bushy-crested Jay, pictured above. We want to thank to the organizers and collaborators of Birdforum for a great event and for inviting us to participate.

We are looking forward to coming back to this tremendously diverse country, which has improved so much in terms of tourism services and safety, and is already attracting higher numbers of enthusiastic naturalists and travelers. If you would like to add some really special regional endemics like the Horned Guan or the Pink-headed Warbler to the formula, Guatemala is one of the best destinations in Central America for any birder with an interest in neotropical birds.


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