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About Whitehawk

Whitehawk was founded by Marta Curti, Angel Muela and Yeray Seminario - three biologists with many years of field experience. Collectively, their work has brought them to all corners of the globe, from Spain and the U.S. to Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Brazil, India and Nepal, among others. The one constant throughout their journeys has been the realization that each day there are more people interested in ornithology who also have a positive effect on the environment and local communities through their passion and sincere concern for the future of birds. This realization was their inspiration for Whitehawk – a company dedicated to leading trips centered on bird observation whose profits would be directed toward local conservation projects that are working in favor of birds as well as in favor of local communities and travelers.

Whitehawk is based on a few key principles:

  1. Safety. The security of our clients (and our guides) is our top priority when planning a trip. The route, lodging, stopping points and other logistical issues are carefully reviewed and selected with every one’s safety in mind. By working with local guides, we are kept up-to-date on any events occurring in the region in which we will be traveling.
  2. Attention to Detail. Each itinerary is carefully planned and revised to offer our clients the highest quality experience. From the moment you first enter our website to the end of your trip with us, we will take care of you with genuine concern and generosity.
  3. Maximum quality at reasonable prices. At White hawk, we believe the opportunity for rewarding travel should be available to everyone. Therefore, we do our best to offer affordable prices that still allow us to provide the highest quality trip to our clients. For this reason, trips are planned for small groups with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of ten. We believe ten is the largest number of people for which we are still able to provide a private, positive wildlife watching experience. On some occasions, we can organize trips for more people if two guides are available.
  4. Knowledge of the region and the birds. Our guides are professionals that are dedicated to bird conservation and have extensive knowledge of the regions in which they work. Guides are extremely familiar with the areas in which to best locate the birds and are very versatile in being able to offer alternative sites should the need arise.
  5. Fun and Learning. At Whitehawk we believe that a trip should be a complete and fun experience, where everyone leaves satisfied. It is not our goal to create stressful, exhausting trips. Although on the majority of our tours we will be waking up very early and going to bed late to take advantage of the best hours to see birds (sometimes tours will include night-time excursions) our goal is to create a relaxed environment and allow sufficient time to rest and simply enjoy some free time. The guides will adapt to the rhythm preferred by the group.
  6. Support of the local economy. Training and employing local guides helps promote bird watching and strengthens local conservation projects. Local guides know the birds in the area much better than someone who visits the area only a couple of times a year. Additionally, they are familiar with local customs and languages - all of which will help make each trip that much more enjoyable and memorable.
  7. Conservation. After our clients and their security, the well-being of the birds is our top priority. We are as careful and as mindful as possible when watching birds and moving in their habitat. We donate 25% of our profits to different conservation projects that directly benefit the regions and communities where we travel. We have a section of our web page dedicated exclusively to our conservation efforts.