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Birding and conservation

We hope that you enjoy our website, whether you are reading about the trips that we offer, or simply visiting our photo gallery. If you would like to know more about us, please take a moment to read about the philosophy behind Whitehawk which explains our goals and ideals that serve as the basis for each trip that we plan, and to learn about our efforts in bird conservation


Day trips

Apart from our scheduled tours, Whitehawk also offers short guided birdwatching opportunities via excursions that can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Our guides know the best places to observe birds locally, and also have extensive knowledge about the rest of the fauna, flora and history of the region in which they guide. This is a fantastic way to spend a half day or a full day during your vacation, either on your own or with the entire family.

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For us, the conservation of birds and their habitat is a top priority. To learn more about the local projects Whitehawk supports, please visit our conservation section.


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