Day Trips Tarifa

Banding Lesser Kestrels in the Strait of Gibraltar

As they do every year, the Tumbabuey banding crew arrived in the village of Los Barrios, in Campo de Gibraltar, right on time to band kestrel chicks. This town, in the province of Cadiz, southern Spain, is home to one … Continue reading

Ageing Vultures in Spain

Spain is home to four species of vultures including the Egyptian Vulture, Eurasian Griffon, Cinereous Vulture and Lammergeier, and it is a fantastic place to observe these majestic birds. Of all of them, the Eurasian Griffon is the most abundant … Continue reading

The Honey Buzzard Migration

Having the opportunity to spend long periods of time in strategic places for watching migrating birds is priceless for any birder. In the Strait of Gibraltar the spectacle of migration is something that happens almost continuously throughout the year. The … Continue reading

La Janda, a Magical Place

Without a doubt, the loss of La Janda Lagoon was an environmental catastrophe for southern Spain. Those who made the decision to drain the largest lagoon in southern Europe for its use as farmland cared little for the fact that … Continue reading