News on Conservation and Research

Exploring data on eBird

One of the sections of eBird that is most useful and appreciated by the majority of its users is “View and explore data.” Main menu under “View and explore data” Here, we can make use of eBird’s huge database, which … Continue reading

Collaborating with eBird

Since early 2013 Whitehawk has actively collaborated with eBird, a project developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. eBird is a simple tool you can use to track the birds you have seen anywhere in … Continue reading

Banding Lesser Kestrels in the Strait of Gibraltar

As they do every year, the Tumbabuey banding crew arrived in the village of Los Barrios, in Campo de Gibraltar, right on time to band kestrel chicks. This town, in the province of Cadiz, southern Spain, is home to one … Continue reading

An unfortunate vulture and black magic

My friend Pat Benson (also, tour leader for our Snow Leopard Expedition) has been studying Cape Griffons (Gyps coprotheres) in South Africa for more than three decades! He just sent me some amazing pics of an individual that was caught … Continue reading