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I recently came across a print ad by the US Fish and Wildlife Service showing beautiful snow-capped mountains against an orange sky and a foreground of wetlands filled with what look like hundreds of snow geese resting on the water. … Continue reading

Wildlife audio library available on-line

After decades of compiling audio archives from all around the world, the Cornell’s lab of ornithology has made them available for everyone on-line through the Macaulay Library. This amazing work contains nearly 150,000 digital audio recordings, more than 10 terabytes … Continue reading

An Ordinary Day

The other day a friend of mine said “when things are easy, people lose interest.” He was talking about relationships, but in the days that followed our conversation, I couldn’t help but think about this statement. Is it true that … Continue reading

Ageing Vultures in Spain

Spain is home to four species of vultures including the Egyptian Vulture, Eurasian Griffon, Cinereous Vulture and Lammergeier, and it is a fantastic place to observe these majestic birds. Of all of them, the Eurasian Griffon is the most abundant … Continue reading