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Lineated Woodpecker #birding #Panama

Lineated Woodpeckers are one of the four largest woodpeckers in Panama. They can be differentiated by the black patch they have on their faces. This one is a female as males would show a bit of red under the white … Continue reading

This Collared Aracari is a small member of the Toucan family #birding #Panama

Collared Aracaris are relatively common in forest edges. Often times they can be seen in small groups munching on fruits or catching some sun rays on top of open trees. Like bigger Toucans they have a relatively large and very … Continue reading

Female Great Curassow, the largest species in the Cracidae family #birding #CentralAmerica

This is a female Great Curassow, the largest species within the Cracidae family. There is quite a significant sexual dimorphism in this species, which means that males look completely different to females. Males are almost entirely black, and have a … Continue reading

Young Spectacled Owl while #birding in #Panama

Spectacled owls are not easy to spot, even though they are Panama’s largest owls. This juvenile owl will lose the white ring around his face in about a year.