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Colorful Cuban Trogon

Our first tour to #Cuba is about to begin! Cuba is the largest and most biodiverse island in the Caribbean. Pictured here is a Cuban Trogon, one of the 26 endemic species that can be seen in Cuba, in addition … Continue reading

We found the Elusive #SnowLeopard !

The Snow Leopard is one of the rarest and most elusive felines in Nature. They live in the mountains of Central Asia in areas of difficult access. Their low numbers continue to be threatened by poaching and the illegal trade. … Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Whitehawk!

Happy holidays from all at Whitehawk! We want to thank you for your support throughout the year and we are looking forward to birding with you in 2017!

Today is #VultureAwarenessDay Upload and share vulture images and videos to raise awareness!

Today is Vulture Awareness Day and we want to line up and speak our voice about how important vultures are for the environment and how they are currently suffering many threats, with some species even facing extinction. In the Americas, … Continue reading