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Today is #VultureAwarenessDay Upload and share vulture images and videos to raise awareness!

Today is Vulture Awareness Day and we want to line up and speak our voice about how important vultures are for the environment and how they are currently suffering many threats, with some species even facing extinction. In the Americas, … Continue reading

Canary Islands Endemics Trip report is out!

We uploaded the Canary Islands Endemics Trip Report to our website. You can find a description of our itinerary and pictures of some of the highlights, like this Great Spotted Woodpecker of the subspecies canariensis, endemic to the island of … Continue reading

Whitehawk’s Junior Naturalist Program continues to thrive!

Despite its relatively small size, Panama is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. But, like many other countries, it struggles to find the balance between progress and preservation. We believe that one of the best ways … Continue reading

Humpback Whales come to Panama to give birth to their calves – Whalewatching with @Whitehawkbird

Though Panama is well known for its tropical forests, colorful butterflies, abundant avifauna and impressive land mammals, one of its best-kept secrets is the opportunity it provides for excellent whale and dolphin watching. Starting in mid June the first Humpback … Continue reading