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Young Spectacled Owl while #birding in #Panama

Spectacled owls are not easy to spot, even though they are Panama’s largest owls. This juvenile owl will lose the white ring around his face in about a year.

Lesser Nighthawk seen while #birding in #Panama near old Gamboa Town

We found this Lesser Nighthawk in the middle of the day while on tour in Panama. They are quite cryptic and they camouflage well with the branches they use to perch. They can be found in the US during the … Continue reading


Whitehawk co-founder, Marta Curti, recently received a great honor. Her bilingual children’s book, Fish, Flowers and Butterflies, has been chosen as a main title for the National Library’s Traveling Backpack program here in Panama. The program, aimed at 2nd grade … Continue reading

Greater Ani at the #Canal, one of the strangest-looking birds in #Panama

Anis are strange-looking birds that actually belong to the cuckoo family. There are only three species of Anis (Genus Crotophaga) and Panama is the only country in Central America where you can see all of them. Unlike the rest of … Continue reading