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Of Sunsets and Snow Leopards: In Search of the Elusive Snow Leopard Trip Report Part III

Over the 9 days we spent camping in Hemis National Park, we had a few “close calls” in terms of snow leopard sightings. We spent one morning hiking to Rumbak Village – passing frozen waterfalls and partially frozen streams to … Continue reading

Of Blue Skies and Blue Sheep: In Search of the Elusive Snow Leopard Part II

 The following morning, the camp staff woke us up and served us cups of steaming hot tea in our tents – which went a long way in easing the transition from our warm sleeping bags to the cold morning air. … Continue reading

Of Wolves and Winter: In Search of the Elusive Snow Leopard Part I

Our Snow Leopard trip began in Leh, India – a beautiful town filled with monasteries, prayer wheels, artisan stores, good restaurants and some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. After a couple of days here to … Continue reading


I recently came across a print ad by the US Fish and Wildlife Service showing beautiful snow-capped mountains against an orange sky and a foreground of wetlands filled with what look like hundreds of snow geese resting on the water. … Continue reading