Art and Nature

The Storm Skua, an impressive vision of an Arctic Skua by Andrew Ellis

There are probably many different reasons for why a person is drawn to bird watching. For some, it may be the challenge of learning to identify each species with certainty; for others it is to score the highest number of species on their list; some marvel at the behavior of birds in their natural environment; while others are fascinated by the evolutionary processes and the phenomena of natural adaptation.

This is one of my favorite paintings from Manuel Sosa, one of the best nature artists from Spain

Surely what compels us to observe birds is a combination of these and other reasons; but there is one thing all bird lovers can agree on, and that is the great beauty of these feathered creatures.

Bald Eagle by one of the most reknowned nature artists, Robert Bateman

The beauty of wildlife and wild places is the source of inspiration for many nature artists, many of whom devote their major works to birds. Apart from the great photographs we see often, some artists create images as if straight out of a dream – their particular vision of the natural world expressed through oil, watercolor, acrylics and other techniques.

A Black-browed Albatross soars over the raging ocean, by Andrew Stock

Although it is difficult to see most of these works in a gallery, we can be content to see some of them over the Internet. There are many artists and there are thousands of works. In this post I show some of our favorites with links to their pages.

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